writing prompt #8: in kate's words

Writing Prompt #8: What's the best piece of advice that you've ever received?

It was only 8 words, but I vividly remember the moment that I heard the best piece of advice that I've ever received. The words vibrated through my being, rocking my inner perfectionist to the core. I sat in a corner of the couch in my therapist's office, a pillow hugged to my chest, cheeks streaked with tears. I had just shared about a moment of betrayal and deep, deep pain. I began to tell her how I planned to sweep it under the rug, continue being friendly, be the "nice" girl.

My therapist listened and spoke the words that changed everything:

"You don't have to be friends with everyone."

You don't have to be friends with everyone. You can choose not to continue a relationship that requires that you deny your own needs to fulfill theirs. You can be your own friend first, can build up boundaries that allow you to love with courage and compassion.