Hey there, friend!

I’m so glad that you made your way here. I totally get it - you’ve got questions.

Like, what in the world does Pay-What-You’re-Able even mean? How does it work? Isn’t this, like, doing the exact opposite of what most business coaches and strategists suggest? And, maybe most importantly… why?

Like I said, I totally get it. That’s why I’m spilling all the beans here.

Why did you decide to make your
next right step sessions Pay-What-You’re-Able?

Truthfully, there were and are a number of reasons that I decided to shift my Next Right Step Sessions to a Pay-What-You’re-Able (PWYA) scale - and, as I’m sure you can imagine, I didn’t make the decision without a heck of a lot of reflection, introspection, and planning.

For me, it came down to three things:

Accessibility. Quite simply, I wanted to make finding 1:1 creative support more accessible. Whether you’re swirling and struggling and can muster up $25 and a cup of coffee, or you’re ready to take an already financially successful brand to the next level and can easily afford coaching packages of $1000+ a month, you deserve access to support.

Intuition. Sometimes, there’s a tug on your heart, a little voice that whispers: what if? This year, I’m dead-set on honoring my most joy-filled, rebellious callings (and helping you do the same!). The truth is that, when it comes down to it, our creative work thrives when we are willing to experiment, to shift, to play around with what works. Is it a risk? Hell yes. But it feels aligned, honest and the very best choice for me and my work right now.

Impact. You know what gets me all kinds of giddy? Sitting down 1:1 with wholehearted entrepreneurs and creatives like you. My business (while, yes, of course, it has to make money) is fueled by impact. I’m stepping out, trusting myself, and letting my natural strengths (hello, Enneagram Type 2!) have a say. And they’re saying: go for impact.

What does Pay-What-You’re-Able mean?
How does it work?

Pay-What-You’re-Able means exactly that: for my single 45-minute Next Right Step Sessions, you pay what you’re able.

Maybe that’s $25 and a cup of coffee or $175 for your 45-minute session. It doesn’t mean hoarding free coaching, it doesn’t mean underestimating what you’re capable of, and it certainly doesn’t mean that our work together will be dependent on what you’re able to pay (you’ll receive the same high-quality, entirely present support no matter what).

How it works:

For the Next Right Step Sessions:

After you’ve signed up your session, you’ll receive a welcome email with a link to schedule your session(s) and a link to my PayPal.me where you can input your PWYA amount.

In the end, the number should be something that feels like a slight stretch, a way for you to invest in yourself and the process, and like an equitable exchange of energy for both of us.

Isn’t that just asking to be
taken advantage of?

Here’s the deal: integrity is one of my core values - and if you’ve made your way here, it’s likely that it’s up there on your list, as well. Which means that, well… I trust you.

Like I said above, PWYA doesn’t mean hoarding free coaching, it doesn’t mean underestimating what you’re capable of, and it certainly doesn’t mean that our work together will be dependent on what you’re able to pay (you’ll receive the same high-quality, entirely present support no matter what).

My work is all about stepping forward as your fullest, bravest, most aligned self (and ohmygoodness, it’s the most beautiful, brilliant, life-and-business changing thing when you do!), and nowhere in there does that include questionable practices or showing up out of integrity.

I have limited availability for my 1:1 services, and it is of utmost importance to me to make sure that we’re the right fit. I don’t take every 1:1 application on as a client, and I’ll be honest with you (and provide referrals, if possible!) if my zone of genius and coaching style doesn’t fit your needs.

Do you think that this is a good choice for other 1:1 creative entrepreneurs?

Maybe. Maybe not. LOL. This PWYA shift is simply my answer to the whisper in my spirit nudging me to try something a little different.

When it comes to pricing our services, the decision is more than a cut-and-dry process. It’s emotional, taking into consideration the blood, sweat, tears, and years of experience that we bring to our work. It can bring out our imposter syndrome, our inner critic, and our worries over whether or not we’re worth what we’re charging.

We raise our prices and feel the discomfort of charging a little bit more. We contemplate lowering our prices, wondering whether it would be easier to sell our services without the price tag.

That’s not what this decision was about.

In making this decision, I had to get really clear: was this shift an honest and aligned response or did it diminish the value of my work in the world? And, in this season, this is the right choice for me.

My decision to work on a PWYA scale isn’t a reflection of what I expect for my clients or for the industry at large. When we work together, I might encourage you to consider raising your prices. We might find creative and innovative ways to shift your services to wholly honor who you are and how you work.

Your business is meant to fit you (not me, not anyone else). And it would be an honor to support, whatever that looks like.

Got more questions? I’ve got answers. Email Kate at kate@katekmccarthy.com or schedule a free discovery call to have all your questions answered personally.