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She got me out of my own head.

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I felt so stuck when we first started. I knew I had something valuable to share and people who need to hear it but I knew I wasn’t communicating effectively with my people.

Kate was beyond insightful. She asked me the questions that got me out of my own head. She was able to pinpoint exactly what makes me different and unique and show me how to tap into that in a genuine and non-salesy way. I realized after our time together that I needed to make the shift in changing my business name and really step into that. It was something I have been wanting to do but haven’t done it because I was just afraid of it. Such a powerful and eye-opening experience.

You are so gifted, Kate! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
— Danait Berhe, Branding Strategist & Designer at Heart & Vine Creative
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I knew what I wanted to do, but I had no idea how to actually make that happen. Stuck in my head? Check. Afraid and unsure, but excited and ready? All the way. Combine my big, scary-feeling goals with the fact that I’m a Parentpreneur, and my personal life only allows me so much time to grow and further my business, I knew Kate was exactly what I’d been looking for. The first time I pushed send on a live video, showing up more authentically and vulnerably in my brand, Kate was right there to celebrate with me. Mapping out the online courses I’d been looking to create (but was having a hard time honing in on what I wanted to teach, how I wanted to deliver the courses, and how I would find time to get them created), Kate’s ongoing support and streamlined guidance kept me strong, focused, and owning what I truly wanted to bring into this world—and, with her, I did!

Kate is a genuine, intelligent, warm human being, and you will feel supported and brave with her on your side. This is by far one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my brand, my business, my clients, and my soul.
— Jen W. O’Deay, Copywriter and owner of Feel These Words
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Kate helped me see my path more clearly.

One of the wonderful things about Kate is the way she gets you. She takes in all the clues, some you don’t even realize you’ve voiced, and supports you right where you are. Her insightful and wise thoughts, words and advice helped me get clear on a project I wanted to bring into the world but was afraid to take the next step. Kate helped me see my path more clearly and walked along beside me in our time together.

I never felt rush or unsupported (more like fiercely loved). She listened. She reflected. She guided and steered and provided insight but never took over or pointed me in a particular direction. I came away more clear and more confident about my own direction.

Kate has a big heart and an even more beautiful mind. When you work with her, you’ll soon realize that she is in her Zone of Genius. So grateful for the work we did together. Thank you, Kate!
— Grace Howes, Mindset Coach & Soul Nudger at
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We launched a website, created a product,
and doubled our subscribers.

We would be LOST without Kate. We found her at just the right time (thank you, universe!). With her help, we revamped our business entirely. Now, it feels authentic, genuine, and real to us - it actually feels GOOD.

While working with her, we launched a website, created a product, and doubled our subscribers! We’ve never been so confident and clear on our next steps. We’ve been able to communicate our story authentically and vulnerably, and we have Kate to thank.

If you are even remotely considering working with Kate, DO IT! You, and your future clients, will be so grateful you did.
— Shannon and Jessica Marshall, Owners at Your Velveteen Life
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When I first met Katie, I knew immediately that she was different. She has a way of speaking to your heart and soul, asking you the tough questions you didn’t want to ask yourself, and helping you find clarity and purpose through the noise.
— Molly Ho, Lead Designer at Molly Ho Creative
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kate has a way of asking questions that completely unlocked new possibilities for me.

Working with Kate was the pathway to gaining the clarity I needed to take You Have To Just Start to the next level.

She has a brilliant and soulful way of asking questions that completely unlocked new possibilities for me. It was an unfolding process and helped me believe in a path forward that hadn’t been there before.

From our first conversation, I knew I was working with someone who was completely invested in me. When your work together for this round has ended and all you want is more, you know you’ve got a wonderful and valuable connection that needs to be continued. I’m certain we will work more together in the future.
— Jean Dawkins, Coach at You Have To Just Start

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