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Brave notions are my way of helping you remember your wild and free spirit, gentle nudges in case you ever feel lost along your way.

They’re reminders from me that a revolution occurs only when you’re open to your own evolution, to listen in further to your soul’s purpose and face the questions that you never thought you'd be able to answer … learning to trust your own clear and true and real answers from the deep well of inner knowing and wisdom that you are.


They’re stories of moving through learning edges, acknowledging that you won’t be quiet and small because your passion is ignited and you’re excited to be action. They’re journeys shared in vulnerability and strength in the hopes that you’ll never forget your unique greatness or underestimate ever how desperately the world needs what only you can bring to it.


In a larger, collective sense, I believe our work and the world are inextricably connected, and now is the time to draw closer, feel deeper, and to show up with courage and integrity for each other—sharing our gifts and being brave.


I’ll offer you tokens of affection that I wholeheartedly hope will guide you as much as they crack open your comfort zone, invite you from time to time to sign up for my workshops or retreats, classes or courses, and—every time, in every Brave Notion I send—I’ll write to encourage you, enliven you, and to remind you that yours is the pulsating heartbeat of a million fiery warriors and you are brave.


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