hello, love: ebook

hello, love: ebook


This ebook was written for you, sweet friend.

Gathered from moments of overwhelming joy, heartbreaking doubt, systems gone wrong, and souls clicking into alignment, this ebook is a love letter. From me to you.

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Here's what readers are saying:

"Whether you’re just starting out on the brave path of entrepreneurship, revamping your plans, or facing the brink of burnout, Hello, Love reminds you and guides you to reconnect with the soul of your work and mission. With warmth, wit, and wisdom, Kate shines a light on the scary gremlins, the humorous realities, and the oftentimes isolating experience of creating your life’s work. Having worked with Kate and experienced her work, as well as witnessed her journey the past couple years, I can say this book is just as delightful and heartwarming as she is and will re-inspire your journey with practical excerpts that move you towards clarity and joy.  The journal prompts are perfect for a Sunday afternoon and the whole time you’re reading, you feel like you’re in a conversation at tea with your best friend.  This is a book that can get you out of a rut and and more bravely and compassionately embracing your whole self as a solopreneur and creative."

- Caitlin Lyon

"One of my all-time favorite human beings, Kate K. McCarthy, wrote an ebook about her journey, experiences, and reflections on entrepreneurship - and let me just say, it is absolutely magical. She is magical. Full of depth, honesty, and heart, which we all need a little more of, whether or not you're an entrepreneur."

-Molly Ho

"I downloaded your book today. I knew that as soon as I opened it, I wouldn't want to stop, and I was right! I made myself stop at chapter 6 because I want to savor more of it for tomorrow. I am in love with your book. With each chapter, I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with your words, devouring the next sentence, paragraph, page...

Your words are powerful, Kate. Whether the concept is new, or a timely reminder of buried knowledge, the message is loud and clear. Thank you for the reminders, the inspiration, and for sharing yourself."

- Alison Polson