Amplify Your Heartbeat: Self-Study Course

Amplify Your Heartbeat: Self-Study Course


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With your purchase of the Amplify Your Heartbeat Self-Study Course, you'll receive your own 37-page Digital PDF workbook with four modules focused on helping you translate your heartbeat - and the heartbeat of your business - into words. You'll start by getting clear on your brand and business vision and walk through worksheets specifically designed to help you write connected and captivating website copy. You'll walk away with clarity and copy.

The 4 Modules are:

  1. Find Your Pulse: Infusing who you are with how you show up in the world
  2. Your Story: Writing your "About Me" page copy
  3. Your Services: Writing your "Work With Me" page copy
  4. Your First Impression: Writing your home page copy

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Words are more than just words, love. They're how you translate your heartbeat - and the heartbeat of your business - into a message meant just for your dreamiest clients.

If your copy doesn't bewitch and enchant your readers, you'll never win their hearts.

If industry jargon and vague verbiage make you and your message forgettable, you'll never get a second chance to shine.

That's why I created Amplify Your Heartbeat, a self-study course designed to walk you step-by-step through the process of writing your own soul-soaked website copy.

No more hours lost staring at the blank page, waiting desperately for inspiration to strike.

No more wondering whether your words communicate the depth of your experience, articulate your brand and business vision, and woo your dreamiest clients.

Amplify Your Heartbeat is designed to show you how to amplify your heartbeat - and the heartbeat of your business - by illuminating your expertise, getting clear on your unique brand voice, and writing copy that connects, captivates, and converts. 

With this course, you’ll have the opportunity to...

  • Illuminate, articulate, and own the qualities that set you apart
  • Get clear and grounded in your unique brand voice
  • Learn how to infuse who you are into what you do in the world
  • Make your own rules for how you show up for your tribe
  • Learn how to write copy that translates your heart into words
  • Write the three most foundational pages for your website: About Me, Work With Me, Home Page

Expert knowledge. Guidance. Flow. All things that you'll find here.

I know that, as a soulful entrepreneur, your to-do list stretches a mile long.

Amplify Your Heartbeat is not about adding more to the list. It’s about providing just the right resources and guidance to bust through the resistance that’s holding you back from sharing your (desperately needed!) work in the world. It’s about providing you with a proven system for writing website copy and sharing with soul. It’s about cultivating and creating copy that captivates and connects. No slime. No sleaze. No sticky, salesy “shoulds.”

Just you. On a page. Learning how to share what you love most with the tribe you adore.