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Maybe you've chased shiny things when you should have stayed in your lane.


Maybe you've followed "experts" down the path of "should" and "supposed-to" only to find that it led you down the road to debt or doubt or shame.

Maybe you've convinced yourself that you need to do all-the-things, losing yourself, your sanity, and your voice in the process. 

Maybe you've lost hours, days, or months waffling and wondering what's best, gathering opinions and information, only to find yourself paralyzed or burned-out or both.


I've been there. I've got you.


Mentorship is where the magic happens, love. Created exclusively for soulful and creative entrepreneurs (like you!), this process is designed to guide you to explore and own your true, undiluted voice. To turn up the volume on your spirit and unclog all of the gunk that's keeping your (desperately needed) voice from flowing loud and clear – straight to the hearts of your dreamiest clients. 

This isn't just about brand messaging or your target market. It isn't just about Facebook content or how often to post on Instagram. It isn't just about email automations or opt-ins. 

It's about the heartbeat of your business. The thing that drives you, sets you apart, and pulses through everything you do.

As a business + brand mentor, I help you discover, own, and articulate the heartbeat of your business - and then amplify it so that the right people hear it. 


I get it. It can be scary. 

Amplifying the heartbeat of your business - the thing that you were put on this planet to do, the thing that gives your business life - can feel incredibly vulnerable. 

What if it doesn’t work? What if people judge me? What if it’s not enough? What if I’m not enough? 

I’ve been there, friend. I’ve had those exact same doubts. And I’ve found that the best way to move through them is to come back to center, find your truth, and get back to building a business that feels and sounds like you

So, that’s exactly what I’ve designed my mentorships to do. When we work together, we’ll uncover your unique brand voice, articulate your deepest values, and get clear on how you want your business to feel. 

We’ll work together to release the “shoulds” and the “supposed tos” and rediscover the deep sighs of contentment that come with truly aligning with your heart, your truth, your purpose. 

You’ll move forward with clarity, confidence, direction, focus, and the ability to own your value and your voice.


Mentorships also come with some more tangible takeaways:

  • A visibility plan customized to you and your business
  • Knowledge about where and how to share content for the greatest impact
  • Techniques for creating brand messaging that connects - and authentically communicates who you are and what you do

Are you ready, love? Let’s do this.


Learn more about my Brand Voice Mentorship packages below.

When I first met Katie, I knew immediately that she was different. She has a way of speaking to your heart and soul, asking you the tough questions you didn’t want to ask yourself, and helping you find clarity and purpose through the noise.

Molly Ho, Lead Designer at Molly Ho Creative

Let me share today about Kate. I’ve deemed her the voice doula. Amidst being an incredible writer herself, her deeper work is helping women own their authentic writing voice.

My brand has really taken off through working with her. She is so good at translating my tone and offering slight tweaks that make things sing when needed!

Caitlin Lyon, Craniosacral Therapist, Teacher + Writer at




It’s not about your niche, your sales strategy, or your marketing, but our work together will revolutionize all three.


Welcome to my 12-week signature mentorship journey.


It might be that - amidst the digital noise, the “shoulds” and self-doubt - you’ve been afraid to put anything out there, paralyzed by perfectionism and unsure of how to show up and share.

It could be that you’ve been getting visible in all the “right” ways, but it still feels like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall. Nothing seems to stick, and you wonder what you’re doing wrong.

Or maybe you’re showing up consistently, but you know - deep down inside - that there’s so much more. You’re ready to take your brand’s message and mission to another level, to show up with more intention, more depth, more clarity and confidence. You’re ready to reach your people, to share your heart, to truly stand out from the crowd.


Whether you’re struggling to hear your heartbeat amidst the online noise or are ready to upgrade, articulate, and amplify your powerful brand voice and vision, this is where it all starts. 


We'll begin with a 90-minute intensive call, where together we’ll identify your biggest obstacles and create a collaborative roadmap for the journey ahead. Then, over the course of eight sessions and twelve weeks together, we’ll build out the foundation to see your business, visibility, and brand strategy through.

Here’s the thing. Showing up as yourself, sharing your heart’s work with the world, and standing for something? Well, it’s scary. Vulnerable. Uncomfortable. Courageous.

But when you really show up - for your brand, your clients, and yourself?

You create with more intention.

You get visible with more courage.

You sell with more clarity and confidence.

You connect with the right people - your people.

If you’re a soulful and creative entrepreneur who is ready to show up in a way that feels and sounds like you, illuminates your expertise, and articulates your unique brand voice and vision, my 12-week 1:1 mentorship journey is for you.


Want the deets? Here’s a breakdown of exactly what you receive as a part of your 12-week mentorship package:

  • One 90-Minute Brand Voice Intensive via Zoom
  • Eight 45-Minute 1:1 Mentorship Sessions via Zoom
  • Recordings of all mentorship sessions
  • Personalized welcome gift
  • Unlimited email support between calls (you can expect a reply within 48-hours)
  • Additional resources, worksheets, and materials to support you through the process of articulating your brand voice + vision, attracting your dream clients, crafting copy and content that connects and captivates, selling with confidence + clarity, and more.


Here are just some of the things that we can/will cover, depending on your needs:

  • Your brand + business vision
  • Articulating your unique brand story
  • Connecting with + attracting your dream clients
  • How to communicate what you do with confidence and ease
  • Personalized content, messaging and visibility strategy
  • Creating an aligned brand vision
  • How to get realigned when you get off course
  • Selling with integrity and confidence
  • Owning your value and your voice
  • Ensuring that your website copy communicates and captivates
  • Revisions and realignment, as needed


Your Investment: $2500*


Ready to bring a braver you to your brand?


After our work together as a part of your 12-week mentorship package, you have access to my retainer packages so that you can have ongoing support at an affordable rate.

*Personalized payment plans available.

Kate was able to put into words what I do and why it matters in a way that quite literally brought tears to my eyes! I was struck by her effortless magic with words, her ability to truly understand what I do and why it matters, her professionalism and responsiveness, and just how incredibly lovely she was to work with.

Deanna Carlisle, College & Career Coach at Youth Career Compass

**A portion of every mentorship package goes to support one of 3 charitable organizations focused on justice, environmental stewardship, and our global community.**

Learn more about how we're giving back below.


The Equal Justice Initiative is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, to challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society.





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Life takes place on land. And how we use our land creates our future. 

For nearly 30 years, Forterra has secured places - urban, rural, and wild - that are keystones of a sustainable future for all.

From wildlands and working farms and forests, to places in the city for affordable housing, parks and the arts, they work simultaneously across all landscapes because they are interconnected. And ultimately people and lands must all thrive together.

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Studies show that - around the world and here at home - the surest way to lift a family or community is to lift a woman.  When a woman rises, she brings her people up with her.  When she rises, families rise, communities rise, and the world rises.  

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