Here to hear your heart and help you hear it better, too.

Maybe you're ready to rise up rather than play small

And be the doer instead of just the dreamer


Maybe you find yourself editing the work before it’s even on the page, pushing back programs and launches… waiting for just the right time and finding that it never quite comes.


Maybe you've been doing all-the-things … but not the thing that's on your heart, busying yourself rather than intentionally creating what really matters to you, your vision, and your business' success. Signing into webinars you wish you were giving, listening to podcasts you long to be hosting, reading yet another blog or email as you steady yourself to publish or send yours... soon, soon.


Maybe you've lost hours, days, or months waffling and wondering what's best, gathering opinions and information, only to find yourself paralyzed or burned-out or both.


I've been there. I've got you.


MENTORSHIP is where the magic happens, love.


Created exclusively for soulful and creative entrepreneurs like you, my process is designed to guide you through exploring and celebrating you, showing up braver within your brand. To turn up the volume on your spirit and clear out the confusion, hesitation, procrastination, and perfectionism that's keeping you from bringing your (desperately needed and oh-so-meaningful) work out into the world.


This process isn't just about clarifying your brand identity, big goals, and deeper why. It isn't just about mapping out how you'll get your big work into the world (while catering to your work/life balance, self care, and energy levels). It's not just about nurturing your big dream through each bold move you make as you show up braver within your brand.


It's about all of it. Knowing what you want and owning it. Taking guided action toward the thing that you’re ready to do, the move you’re dying (a little inside every day) to make happen, giving air to the flame and creating beautiful wildfire.


I'm here to help you discover and give birth to your big ideas and take deliberate, authentic, bold steps in your brand and business.


I get it. It can be scary.


Showing up as your most brave self, articulating your dream and stepping into actually doing the thing you’ve held in your heart for so long — it can feel incredibly vulnerable.


What if it doesn’t work? What if people judge me? What if it’s not enough? What if I’m not enough?


I’ve been there, friend. I’ve had those exact same doubts. And I’ve found that the best way to move through them is to come back to center, find your truth, work with a trusted soul to lay clear your path forward, and (hands shaking, knees wobbly) keep. showing. up. Do the brave thing. Then do the brave thing again.

So, that’s exactly what I’ve designed my mentorships to do. When we work together, we’ll uncover your unique vision and soul mission, articulate your needs and actions to get there, and walk together each step of the way.

We’ll work together to release the “shoulds” and the “supposed-tos” and rediscover the deep sighs of contentment that come with truly aligning with your heart, your truth, your purpose, and your work.


You’ll move forward feeling brave, free, courageous, and truly seen and understood as you own what you want and make it happen.


Mentorships also come with tangible takeaways:

  • Soulful strategy and a collaborative map customized for your brand + business so you can see clearly the path ahead and always refer back

  • Additional resources, worksheets, and materials to support you through the process of walking, step-by-step, into getting your work created and into the world

  • Techniques for creating brand messaging that connects and authentically communicates the impact of your work across multiple platforms

Are you ready, friend? Let’s do this.


Learn more about my most popular packages below.


90 Minute Intensive

For a burst of brand clarity and soulful strategy


8-Week Signature Mentorship

You can hear it, can't you? That whisper within?

It's time.




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When I first met Katie, I knew immediately that she was different. She has a way of speaking to your heart and soul, asking you the tough questions you didn’t want to ask yourself, and helping you find clarity and purpose through the noise.
— Molly Ho, Lead Designer at Molly Ho Creative
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