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How To Do Brave Things
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Kate K. McCarthy | How To Do Brave Things (aka The Self-Care Sandwich)


Words can’t begin to express how unbelievably thrilled I am that you’re thisclose to getting this resource into your hands, because it means two things:

One. You’ve got brave, meaningful work to do in the world. Whatever shape it takes - whether you’re a coach or a website designer, an artist or a branding expert or a healer, your work is world-shaking and deeply important.

Two. You’re ready to do the damn thing. To make the thing or shift the thing or write the thing. To push publish or send the invites. To get to shaking the world, in big and small ways. To do that thing that lives deep within your heart.

And you’re going to need to harness all the courage you’ve got to do it.

You’re going to need to take bold and brave action to make sure that your work makes its way to the people who need it most, your people. You’re going to need to do the brave thing - and then do the brave thing again, all without running yourself into the ground or freaking out or finding yourself burnt-out and running on fumes.

Here’s how.

I call it the self-care sandwich.

In this free workbook, I’ll show you one of my favorite (and most powerful!) tools for doing the brave thing - without the perfectionism, the procrastination, and the burnout.

Because you’ve got big, meaningful work to do. And it’s time to get to it.

You in? Download your copy today.

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