Hello, sweet friend.

Words can't begin to describe how thrilled and honored I am that you've found yourself in this little corner of the internet.

If you've made your way here, it means that you're...

One: absolutely phenomenal.

You might be a coach or a designer, a healer or a teacher, a maker or a mentor or more. But whatever form your work takes in the world, at heart, you're a lightworker, a creative, and wholehearted human dedicated to creating a life and a business wholly aligned with your core values and truest self.

Two: ready to bring a braver you to your life and business.

Whether you're ready to release the shame and "should's" that have held you back for so long in your brand and business, know that you need to step away and gain some big picture perspective, or are committed to stepping into a bigger, braver version of yourself and your work this year, it's time.

Welcome to Fall Retreat 2018

A real-life space for creative and soulful entrepreneurs to focus in on community, self-discovery, expression, engagement, and how those things combine to create meaningful relationships and build better, braver businesses.

Here are the deets:

Tye Haus

What & Where: Our first ever fall retreat, held in the beautiful PNW Cascade mountain range, about an hour and a half outside of Seattle, WA. Here's where we're staying

All meals will be provided and prepared at the cabin.

When: October 26-29, 2018. We'll meet in Seattle, WA and drive out to the cabin together.

Who: Creative and soulful entrepreneurs who are ready to lean in, dig deep, and show up bigger and braver in their lives and businesses. You'll bring whatever you're working on, whether that's a new creative project, a shift in your dream client or offerings, a challenge that's holding you back from getting really visible in your brand and business, or a dream that's been percolating behind the scenes for a while.

Space is very limited. Click here to fill out the application.

Tye Haus Hot Tub

Why: Because, as creative & soulful entrepreneurs, we need what this retreat provides:

  • Structure and spaciousness. While there will be very real time built in, through sessions and personal time, to move forward and take aligned action in your business, there will also be a balance of spaciousness and free time to see what emerges, soak in some intentional self-care, and reset your spirit.
  • True time away from our routines and day-to-day tasks and to-do's to rejuvenate your energy, provide much-needed perspective, and help you reset and realign, both in life and business.
  • A soul-centered, curated community of like-hearted entrepreneurial humans to provide support, inspiration, feedback, and the kind of magic that emerges when wholehearted humans come together.
  • Literal fresh air. Tucked away in a seriously dreamy cabin on the Tye River, there will be time and space to explore the cabin and surrounding forest - and to soak in the spectacular PNW surroundings.

Your Investment: $1,250*

But space is truly limited, with only 4 slots available.

*Payment plans available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tye Haus Inside

What time should I plan to arrive on Friday, October 26th - and leave on Monday, October 29th?

We'll be meeting in Seattle, WA (about 30 minutes away from Seattle Tacoma International Airport) on Friday afternoon and heading up to the cabin together around 2pm.  Our last session will end at 9:30am on Monday, October 29th, after which we'll do a final sweep of the cabin and head back to the Seattle area with an estimated arrival in Seattle of 11:30am.

Are meals provided? What if I had a dietary restriction?

All meals will be provided and prepared up at the cabin. Dietary restrictions are not an issue - just let me know what they are in advance, and we'll make sure to accommodate them!

Will I be sharing a room?

In all likelihood, yes. The cabin itself is built for a maximum of 6 guests, but we'll be limiting that to make sure that we all have space.

What should I bring?

A full itinerary and packing list will be provided in the month before the retreat.

What if I need a payment plan?

Payment plans are available. You can pay in one installment of $1,250 or four monthly installments of $350.

Got more Q's?

I've got more A's. Email kate@katekmccarthy.com with any additional questions or concerns.