Episode 31: Caitlin Lyon on What Brain Science Tells Us About Deep Transformation


This month, we’re shaking things up, friend! Rather than my typical first-Tuesday solo episode, I wanted to share one of my favorite conversations to date. Next week, I’ll be back with a three-part solo series all about lasting success. And then, in our last episode of the season, I’ll be sharing what you can expect from season two - and some of my biggest lessons from our first season together.

This week, I’m welcoming one of my closest friends - and one of the most brilliant and wholehearted humans that I know - to the podcast to talk all about what neuroscience is revealing about how to make lasting and sustainable change.

Caitlin Lyon is a craniosacral therapist, writer, teacher, and therapeutic body-worker based out of Solvang and Santa Barbara, California. I joke with her all the time that she’s lived a thousand lives. She’s been a yoga teacher, documentary photographer, artist, retreat facilitator, and more - and she’s only 31 (this month!).

In this episode, she shares all about the “triune brain” and how modern research is showing us the power of sensory and somatic - or body-based - therapy in creating lasting changes to our feelings, thoughts, and experience.

As a neuroscience geek, I got to nerd out - and as a believer in depth and our body’s innate wisdom, I got to learn how the research can help me be a better business owner, coach, mentor, partner, and friend.

Listen in.

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