Episode 29: Sue Gauthier-Pin on The Climb Of Our Lives


Y’all. This week on the pod, I’m T-H-R-I-L-L-E-D to share with you a conversation that I had a few months ago but have been waiting for the absolute perfect time to share it with you all.

Beyond being one of my favorite humans on the interwebs, Sue Gauthier-Pin is an integrative expressive arts therapist and holistic life coach from California. She is my go-to resource for all things creativity, healing, self-awareness, play, and how you find your way back to yourself.

In this week’s episode of Amplify, you’ll hear:

  • How Sue navigates the space between therapy and coaching - and how to know which one you need
  • Why the way that we conceptualize balance is bullshit - and how to find your way back to center when you get off-course
  • The importance of play - and why it so often gets left out of the conversation around entrepreneurship
  • The power of purposeless creativity - and why it’s not about producing more
  • What we’re doing to stretch our creative muscles (hint: it’s all about thinking outside the box)
  • How to create your support system, both in business and in life - and why not everyone gets to hold space for you

It’s so, so good, y’all. I’ve listened to it three times this week, and I’m still learning from it.

Listen in.

All the important stuff:

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