Episode 26: Jen W. O'Deay on What To Do With Your Website Shame


“Slow down, Sassafras.” This week on Amplify, we’re welcoming the phenomenal Jen W. O’Deay of FeelTheseWords.com to talk all about… website shame.

Oof. You feel it, right? The heart palpitations, the restricted breathing, the feeling of not-enoughness?

That’s why I invited Jen, copywriter-extraordinaire and truly radiant human being, to talk alllll about it - what it is, why she wants to burn it to the ground, what she suggests we replace it with (it’s powerful, y’all), and some tangible tips for how to pop out of that website shame cycle and get back to connecting with your people through the words on your website.

It’s a conversation you just can’t miss.

Listen in.

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