Episode 11: Brittney Rossie on Leveraging Your Strengths


Too often, as creative entrepreneurs, we focus on all the ways that we could be doing better, highlighting our weaknesses and focusing on our lack. We take personal development work and business strategy to the extreme, focusing on things that we don’t really love, things that don’t light us up, and things that, quite frankly, hold us back from doing our work. In the end, we burn out or give up, journeying farther and farther from what makes us us.

This week on Amplify, I’m with Brittney Rossie, Branding and Business Strategist, and we’re talking about what happens when you do just the opposite: you lean in and leverage your strengths.

She shares the story of how and why she founded her strengths-based business, why she geeks out over spreadsheets, and how leveraging your natural strengths can revolutionize your business and branding strategy.

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www.brittneyrossie.com // The Legacy Driven Entrepreneur



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