Episode 73: Chantelle Davis-Gray on Self-Trust and the Creative Journey

Chantelle Davis-Gray on Self-Trust and the Creative Journey | A Braver Brand with Kate K. McCarthy

We’re continuing the A Braver Brand maternity leave series with a conversation with Chantelle Davis-Gray, branding and website designer for do-good, feel-good businesses.

In this episode, Chantelle and I dive deep into…

  • What self-trust means to each of us

  • The places and spaces where our self-trust waffles and wavers

  • Self-trust in pricing our services - and why every time we step outside of our comfort zones, we’re given another chance to grow in our self-trust

  • Building a bank of evidence for our self-trust

  • The ways in which our levels of self-trust - and the ways that it shows up (or doesn’t) - shift on a day-to-day basis

  • The conditions that make self-trust easier

  • How we combat the self-doubt and comparisonitis

  • Self-trust, bravery, and “failure” - how we navigate that space (and why we avoid it)

  • Why it’s all about our relationships with ourselves - and how, to reaffirm self-trust, it takes a combination of big, brave moments alongside the smaller moments

With each guest, I ask them the same thing: Who or what makes you feel your bravest? Here’s Chantelle’s response.

“I think that there’s a base level of a crazy amount of love that I get from my love, Trish, and that I’ve gotten from my mom throughout my entire life that serves as a foundational base. I know that I don’t think about it in those moments - like when I’m picking my pricing or I’m trying to decide if I’m going to invest in a new program - I don’t think to myself, ‘Well, I can’t go wrong here, because I know that they’re in my corner.’ But on a subconscious, super, super deep level, that’s really helpful.”


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