Episode 67: Katherine Gramann on Chasing Sunsets, The Inner Work, & Finding Your Own Form of Freedom

Katherine Gramann on Chasing Sunsets, The Inner Work, & Finding Your Own Form of Freedom | A Braver Brand with Kate K. McCarthy

In our 2nd to last episode of Season Two for A Braver Brand, I am bringing you one of my favorite conversations to date.

Professionally-speaking, Katherine Gramann is a mindset & business coach for female entrepreneurs and the founder and owner of Lake Effect Co., but if you ask her, her real bio should read: serial entrepreneur, lake lover, sunrise and sunset-chaser, and a big fan of inspired, intentional, unbelievably fun living.

In our conversation, Katherine shares all about:

  • How not getting the job she thought she had (with her dad’s company, no less!) turned out to be the best twist of fate

  • What it looked like to found an apparel brand without retail experience

  • Why it’s so important for our brands, products, and services to be a force for good in the world

  • Why Katherine believes that nature is mindset work - and how it’s become the core of her own work in the world

  • How to ensure that our work in the world is in line with our deepest core values

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), the Reticular Activating System, and the mindset shifts that have changed her life and business

  • Why sometimes the decision to say no, do less, or scale back can actually be the first step to freedom - and why it’s all about doing the internal work

With each guest, I ask them the same thing: Who or what makes you feel your bravest? Here’s Katherine’s response.

“Right now, the thing that makes me feel really freaking brave is when I stand up for myself, when I’m making decisions for myself that are the things that I truly want, even if that’s going against popular opinion or the opinions of people around me. It might be surprising, it might not be, but it feels amazing to finally be getting comfortable trusting that my intuition is leading me where I need to go. With that comes having faith and trust.”

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