Episode 66: Raquel Fernandes on Soul Work & Starting Something New

Raquel Fernandes on Soul Work & Starting Something New | A Braver Brand with Kate K. McCarthy

This week on A Braver Brand, I am thrilled to be sharing my conversation with Raquel Fernandes, a self-described aspiring work-in progress, website & visual brand designer, and founder of findyourwild.uk.

In this episode, we’re diving deep into:

  • Why she no longer claims the title of “entrepreneur” - and why it’s ok that she hasn’t replaced the term

  • What it’s been like to open a new wing within her work, to pursue both her creative and soul work without compromise

  • How she knew she finally needed to pursue her soul work - and how the process has unfolded

  • Why fear is ok - and how Raquel cares for herself in the midst of that fear

  • What it’s been like to get to know herself - and the future version of herself - to inspire alignment and bravery

  • How she decided to open up a brand new business - and what intuition has to do with it all

With each guest, I ask them the same thing: Who or what makes you feel your bravest? Here’s Raquel’s response.

“It sounds corny, but… me. I’ve become - and am trying to become - more independent and know that I can do anything, regardless of what happens. And that can only come from me. What makes me feel my bravest is the future version of me that is confident and that is brave. She’s done it before, she already has the things, and she’s seen the path unfold.”

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