Episode 65: Shelby Payne Shier on Building an Intentional Life & Business

Shelby Payne Shier on Building an Intentional Life & Business | A Braver Brand with Kate K. McCarthy

This week on A Braver Brand, I am overwhelmed and deeply honored to be welcoming Shelby Payne Shier, Pacific Northwest photographer, to the podcast, where we talk all things intentional living, personal (and business) evolution, how to charge for your creative work, and the choices we make in service of a life we love.

It’s deeply honest, entirely real, and such a gift to share with you.

Here’s just a little sneak peek into what Shelby and I crack open together:

  • Why her work will always be evolving

  • How Shelby’s philosophy in her creative work extends outside of her business

  • How the right questions can shift what shows up - in photography, in coaching, and in life

  • Charging for your creative work - and why she chooses to charge differently than most photographers in her industry

  • Building both an intentional business - and an intentional life

  • The choices that she and her husband make to make sure their businesses support their lifestyle (and not the other way around)

  • How she responds to people who question her choices

With each guest, I ask them the same thing: Who or what makes you feel your bravest? Here’s Shelby’s response.

“Being honest and true makes me feel the bravest. Living life with intention and acknowledging justice and wanting to work towards that makes me feel the bravest. Women in general make me feel brave. And nature. It’s integrated into the photos I take, into my business, and into my life.”

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Follow Shelby on Instagram at @shelbyapayne // www.shelbypaynephotography.com

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