Episode 62: Brooke Lorimer on Letting Go of Something You Love & Stepping Into Our Greater Work

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Here in the online space, too often we hear the same kinds of stories over and over again. In this episode of A Braver Brand, I’m over-the-moon to be sharing a different kind of story: the story of letting go of a business. Not because it wasn’t working, not because you didn’t enjoy it, but because there was a little whisper of intuition (getting louder all the time) that there was bigger work to pursue.

This week on the podcast, I’m sharing my conversation with Brooke Lorimer, former owner of A Simple Alternative, current office manager, and creator. In our conversation, Brooke and I get real and human around what it’s like to leave something we still love, the power of the part-time job, the role of creativity, stepping into our bigger work, and dealing head-on with grief.

It’s a conversation you don’t want to miss.

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Brooke’s podcast, The Radical Gentleness Podcast, launches soon - on May 9th! - follow her on Instagram to hear more and be there for opening day!

The Wisdom of A Broken Heart by Susan Piver

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