Episode 60: Keri Gavin on Heart-Centered Rebellion, The Shoulds That Seduce, & Coming Back to Herself

Keri Gavin on Heart-Centered Rebellion, The Shoulds That Seduce, & Coming Back to Herself| A Braver Brand with Kate K. McCarthy

This week on A Braver Brand, I am beyond excited to share a conversation with a repeat guest, Keri Gavin. Keri is a transformation and success mentor who focused on combining the science of the brain with the intuition of the heart.

In this episode, Keri gets personal and we talk all about...

  • How she came to own her role as a heart-centered rebel

  • Why it’s so powerful to revisit who we were when we first started

  • Why Keri decided to put the “blinders back on” and stay in her own lane (and why she suggests you do the same!)

  • How she ended up in a box of her own creation - and why so many of us find ourselves in the same place

  • How Keri made her way back to herself

  • How the “shoulds” seduce us away from our hearts - and what some of them were for Keri

  • Why - whether in life or business - it starts with the inner work

  • How Keri is reframing our rebellion

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