Episode 58 - Your Burning Questions: How do I find my voice?

Kate K. McCarthy on your burning questions and where to start | A Braver Brand with Kate K. McCarthy

This week on A Braver Brand, I’m solo with the 2nd episode in our newest series - all about answering your biggest, most burning questions. And in this episode, I’m answering the single most commonly asked question from these past 5 years of business:

How do I find my voice?

In this episode, I’m sharing:

  • Why this question is one of my favorite

  • Why finding your voice both of strategic importance - and vital when it comes to having the confidence to move forward and get courageously visible

  • The distinction between your voice and your brand’s voice

  • Why the process of finding your voice takes time, support, and clarifying

  • Five of my favorite tips for finding your voice

I’m loving this conversation! Dig in.

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