Episode 51: Danait Berhe on Perfectionism, Failure, And Peeling Back The Layers Around Fear

Danait Berhe, branding and marketing strategist from Heart & Vine Creative, on A Braver Brand with Kate K. McCarthy

This week on the podcast, we’re welcoming back a repeat guest from season one (check out our first conversation in Episode 15!):

Danait Berhe of Heart & Vine Creative.

Together, Danait and I are cracking open the conversation around perfectionism.

We’re getting super vulnerable and talking all about…

  • How perfection shows up - and Danait and I compare notes on what perfectionism looks like for each of us

  • The way perfectionism shows up differently in corporate vs. entrepreneurial endeavors

  • How perfectionism impedes our progress as creative entrepreneurs

  • The ways in which our childhood messages play into perfectionism in adulthood

  • How fear underpins our perfectionism - and what it looks like to peel back the layers and name that fear

  • The tools we use to take action in the face of perfectionism and fear

  • How you actively unpack your own perfectionism so that it doesn’t paralyze you or burn you out

  • Why science reminds us that failure is a necessary part of the process

  • What witnessing and celebrating our successes has to do with releasing our perfectionism

This conversation one of the most honest, transparent conversations that I’ve had so far on the podcast (and if you listen regularly, you know that that says a lot).

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