Episode 48: Lilly Garcia on Breaking Out Of The Branding Box + Why Your Work Is World-Changing

Lilly Garcia, graphic designer for creative entrepreneurs, on A Braver Brand with Kate K. McCarthy

Friends, this is one of the most honest, heartfelt, and resonant conversations I’ve had all year. This week’s guest on A Braver Brand is Lilly Garcia, fellow PNW-er and graphic designer for creative entrepreneurs who want to build brands that match the magic of their work in the world.

In our conversation, Lilly shares her creative brand evolution and why it took a series of existential crises to get her to where she is now: creatively fulfilled, flexible and free.

In our conversation, we talk all about:

  • Why what “works for everyone else” didn’t work for her

  • How she broke out of the box and let go of the beautiful brand she had built for herself

  • What it feels like to inhabit a brand that feels like her

  • Why performative vulnerability can be so dangerous - and leave us more disconnected

  • Why you don’t need a shiny brand to start - or succeed

  • How letting go of having to get it “right” made room for more of her to show up

  • How we sometimes use branding as a distraction - and why it’s all about having a foundation to stand on so that you can begin to take brave action

  • Why your work is so damn valuable - and world-shaking in its own right (and why it’s so hard for us to see it in ourselves)

One of the things that we talk about in today’s conversation is why we need to be doing our work in the world, and why no matter how your work shows up - as a coach or a designer, a therapist or a masseuse, a strategist or a website designer or a VA - the work that lives in your heart needs to find its way to the people who need it most. Both Lilly and I are so lucky to be able to support entrepreneurial humans in doing just that - and we gush a bit in today’s episode about the gratitude we feel at that tremendous honor.

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Lilly is wildly generous, y'all. If today's conversation resonated with you, head to lillygarcia.com/braver to schedule a pitch-free call to connect (and maybe get some tips on freeing yourself from an inflexible brand)!

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