Episode 46: Tara Bosler on Personal Development, Facing Fear, and What Happens When You Own Your Own Voice

Tara Bosler, creative copy coach and strategist, on A Braver Brand with Kate K. McCarthy

Oh, friends. This week, you are in for a good one.

I’m beyond thrilled to be welcoming my friend, Tara Bosler, to the podcast. Tara is a creative copy coach and business strategist for women entrepreneurs, and this conversation was truly one for the books. Raw, real, funny, and vulnerable, Tara shares her story, wisdom, and wit with us.

We talk all about…

  • How getting laid off led Tara to the work she does now - and the biggest challenges that she’s faced in balancing entrepreneurship with being a single mom

  • Why personal development has been so valuable in her life and business

  • The process of finding her own brand voice - and how finding it has allowed her to show up as her fullest, strongest, bravest self

  • Why so much of what we fear and concern ourselves with isn’t real

  • How to start shifting your brand voice to be more aligned with your authentic personality - and why you don’t need a rebrand to do it

  • Why it’s so important to share your own business and brand evolution

  • The beautiful benefits and experiences she’s had since shifting her brand voice and presence to be the truest version of herself

It was such a gift to have this conversation, and then to revisit it in sharing it with you.

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