Episode 44: Kimberly Espinel on Food Photography, Pursuing a Creative Career, and Why It’s Really All About Connection

Kimberly Espinel, food photographer, food blogger, and teacher, on A Braver Brand with Kate K. McCarthy

Ohmygoodness, friends! I am beyond excited to be sharing this week’s episode with y’all!

This week, we’re welcoming Kimberly Espinel, food photographer, blogger, and teacher out of London. In addition to her own photography and blogging, Kimberly helps food photographers and bloggers improve their photography and styling, as well as leverage their Instagram to get the clients they want.

In our conversation, Kimberly shares openly, honestly, and incredibly generously about...

  • How the birth of her son inspired her to leave a long career in social work

  • How she started her blog - and what changed when she dove into the creative process

  • The most challenging part of choosing a creative career over the safety of her 9-to-5

  • Her advice for how to keep going when you don’t know if there’s anyone listening/seeing your work yet

  • How she plans for the future to make sure that her business is cared for

  • How she knew that she wanted to and was ready to move into a teaching role in her work

  • What it’s like to navigate and stand out in what can feel like a saturated industry

  • Why Instagram is really a storytelling platform - and how to leverage it for connection

It’s so, so good, y’all. Make sure you catch the full conversation!

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www.thelittleplantation.co.uk // the instagram series // follow Kimberly on Instagram // click here to listen to “eat capture share: a podcast for food bloggers”

Catch the full conversation here:

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