Episode 41: Kendra & Kleneice Chambers on Owning Your Value, Organic Marketing, and Why The Algorithms Don’t Matter As Much As You Think They Do


This week on A Braver Brand, I’m over-the-moon to be sharing my conversation with two humans who I’ve not only hired (because they’re oh-so-good at what they do!) but consider to be dear friends in this sweet online world.

Meet Kendra and Kleneice Chambers, the team behind Humble & Whole, a boutique social media management agency for female entrepreneurs who are ready to grow and scale using organic social media marketing.

In today’s episode, Kendra and Kleneice spill the beans on…

  • How a blog about nursing opened the door to launching Humble & Whole

  • The gifts of being in business together - and how they split up tasks, to-do’s and areas of expertise in their partnership

  • Their story of what it was like to burn out, re-evaluate what wasn’t working, and move forward by owning their value

  • Why they don’t care about the newest algorithms on Facebook and Instagram - and what matters most when it comes to your social media content

  • The biggest red flag when it comes to social media marketing - and why it’s probably not what you think

  • Why our impact goes so far beyond the cut and dry deliverables of our work

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