Episode 40: Kate on What To Do When Something's Gotta Give


This week, Kate’s solo on the podcast with an episode all about what to do when you know that something needs to change in your business - when something’s gotta give - and you’re not quite sure what comes first.

The truth is that we have all gone through those seasons - and might go through those seasons again. Those seasons are a natural part of the creative process and the human experience. They’re the seasons when something doesn’t quite fit right anymore (we’re just not sure where it’s pinching), when we’re just not lit up, when things aren’t flowing the way that we so desperately hope that they will, or worst of all, when we’re exhausted just thinking about our businesses.

In these moments, it’s tempting to want to do one of 3 things:

  1. To burn it all to the ground, be done with it, and throw in the towel

  2. To hire another strategist or take another course, hoping, just hoping that this is the answer this time

  3. To do more. To implement a new strategy, get on a new platform, post more content, make more freebies, hustle a little harder, strive a little more.

Rather than doing any of those things, Kate suggests and shows you how to take a cue from The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up (without having to be a minimalist!) and do things differently this time.

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