Episode 39: Frankie Simmons on What Joy Has To Do With Your Business’ Success


Friends, I am so thrilled to be closing out September with one of my top five favorite podcast conversations of all time (Yep! I said it.). This week, we’re welcoming to the podcast Frankie Simmons, an intuitive business coach specializing in mindset and visibility strategies. Frankie helps trailblazing entrepreneurs grow their online empires without sacrificing alignment and authenticity and joy.

And y’all… she’s a gift and a light and a serious bundle of joy. I can’t wait for to catch this conversation.

In today’s episode, we talk all about…

  • How Frankie fell in love with entrepreneurship - and with working with trailblazing entrepreneurs

  • The most common mindset traps for trailblazing women entrepreneurs

  • The role that joy can play in our businesses - and what it’s looked like for her to reclaim joy for herself, her life and her business

  • Why joy is so personal - and how to take steps to finding what lights you up (and what it looks like)

  • Why you’ve got to feel your feelings to find clarity

  • How to figure out what’s off in your life or business when times get tough

  • What it has looked like to build an aligned and authentic business - and what she’s had to let go of and claim in the process

  • What happens when we try to follow all the “rules” - and why doing business differently can unlock your unique gifts

  • Why it’s all about a mixture of fear and faith

It’s a good one. Listen in.

Here’s how you can find + follow Frankie:

Over on Insta // The Mindful Marketer Facebook group // Lead With Your Magic (coming this October!)

Catch the full conversation here:

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