Episode 38: Kate Boyd on Human-Driven Marketing (and why you’re probably better at it than you think)


As creative entrepreneurs, the word “marketing” can make us want to run for the hills, but it’s leaders like today’s guest, Kate Boyd, who are reclaiming and reframing marketing to not only leverage a creative entrepreneur’s natural gifts but also be wildly effective.

As the leader at Cobblestone Creative Co., Kate has created a 4-part marketing framework that’s helping heart-driven business owners and non-profits re-engineer their marketing strategy to mirror what they do best: build relationships.

In today’s episode, we talk all about...

  • Why Kate decided to quit a job that she loved (and sell a business that she worked hard to create) for Cobblestone Creative Co.

  • Why she decided to her bread-and-butter services (and a stable income) for Conversion with Compassion™

  • Why it’s so hard for heart-centered business owners to outsource their marketing (or delegate!) - and how she, as a heart-centered business owner herself, has had to overcome that resistance and delegate in her own business

  • What it looks like to look at your marketing through the eyes of relationship - and practical ways to overlay your natural relationship-building skills onto your marketing strategy

  • How we can take the fear and shame out of marketing by reframing strategies as simply intentional relationship-building methods

  • Why the term “visibility” sometimes misses the boat

  • How her morning routine prepares her to be brave - for herself and her clients

I can’t wait for you to hear Kate’s take on marketing with heart.

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