Episode 37: Jennifer Sterling on Healing, Intentional Impact, and Doing the Opposite


Oh, brave ones, there are no words. I am beyond thrilled for you to get your beautiful, brave ears on today’s conversation with Jennifer Sterling, holistic nutritionist and dance/movement psychotherapist. As a holistic nutritionist, dance/movement psychotherapist, and founder of The Black Girl Healing Project, Jennifer focuses on supporting black women who are living with depression.

Jennifer shares her story, from studying as a health coach (where she and I discovered each other, all those years ago!) to getting her first masters in holistic nutrition to intentionally combining her nutrition work with dance/movement psychotherapy for greater impact.


In our conversation, we talk all about...

  • How Jennifer is creating a holistic community for black women around mental health, nutrition, physiology, and the impact of oppression

  • Why when you’re feeling triggered or reactive, it’s not the time to push through your comfort zone (and what to do instead)

  • How doing the work herself has changed her

  • Why she decided to do the opposite of what our culture tells us to do and is slowing down, pulling back, and becoming more present

  • What happened when she decided to throw out the online marketing “shoulds” to build her own version of impact

  • How getting a 9-to-5 has freed her to build the community and movement that she dreams of

  • How to care for yourself when you’re doing big, brave, impactful work

It’s a conversation that you don’t want to miss (and one I’m utterly grateful to have been a part of)!

Find Jennifer (and learn more about The Black Girl Healing Project) on Facebook and Instagram, and learn more about her Nourish course here.

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