Episode 35: Celebrating Season One


Can you believe?! This week, we’re celebrating our season one season finale!

We’ve had an incredible first season. 35 episodes. 2 bonus episodes. Guests ranging from floral designers to coaches, website designers to craniosacral therapists. It’s a bittersweet moment, chock-full of gratitude and I’m-going-to-miss-y’all feels.

This week, in our season finale, I’m looking back over our first season together to share my top 5 takeaways from sharing a creative project that, quite frankly, felt scary and uncertain and brave - and oh-so-important.

I’m also sharing...

  • What I knew before starting the podcast - and what you need to know before starting a creative process of your own
  • What intention, support, and sheer gumption have to do with getting your work into the world
  • What you can expect during our summer hiatus - and where you can find me during the break
  • Why we’re changing things up for Season Two of the podcast - and I’m spilling the beans about a major change that you’ll see, starting this summer

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I spill the beans on what’s coming to katekmccarthy.com headquarters in Part Three of our 3-part series on lasting success. Catch the full episode here.

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