November Bonus: Angie Martin on Comparisonitis, Parenthood, and Getting To Know Yourself Again

Angie Martin, life purpose coach for moms, on A Braver Brand with Kate K. McCarthy

Can you believe that it’s the last week of November?! Time flies, friends.

In a special November bonus episode, we’re welcoming to the podcast Angie Martin, a certified life purpose coach who supports moms who are ready to let go of comparisonitis and guilt and get to know their current and best selves.

In our conversation, Angie shares about:

  • How she happened upon the coaching world - and why it was so serendipitous

  • Why motherhood is so mischaracterized - and how we need to change the conversation

  • How comparisonitis is the plight of the modern mom

  • Why it’s so hard to care for ourselves and ask for support (and why we need to build that muscle, whether or not we’re a parent)

  • Why awareness is so powerful - and so hard sometimes

Angie has a way of bringing together love with a heavy dose of truth, and I was so grateful to be able to sit down with her and chat all things comparisonitis, parenthood, and self-awareness.

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