Maybe you've chased shiny things when you should have stayed in your lane.

Maybe you've followed "experts" down the path of "should" and "supposed-to" only to find that it led you down the road to debt or doubt or shame.

Maybe you've convinced yourself that you need to do all-the-things, losing yourself, your sanity, and your voice in the process. 

Maybe you've lost hours, days, or months waffling and wondering what's best, gathering opinions and information, only to find yourself paralyzed or burned-out or both.

I've been there. I've got you.

Mentorship is where the magic happens, love. Created exclusively for soulful and creative entrepreneurs (like you!), this process is designed to guide you to explore and own your true, undiluted voice. To turn up the volume on your spirit and unclog all of the gunk that's keeping your (desperately needed) voice from flowing loud and clear – straight to the hearts of your dreamiest clients. 

This isn't just about brand messaging or your target market. It isn't just about Facebook content or how often to post on Instagram. It isn't just about email automations or opt-ins. 

It's about the heartbeat of your business. The thing that drives you, sets you apart, and pulses through everything you do.

As a brand voice mentor, I help you discover, own, and articulate the heartbeat of your business - and then amplify it so that the right people hear it. 

I get it. It can be scary. 

Amplifying the heartbeat of your business - the thing that you were put on this planet to do, the thing that gives your business life - can feel incredibly vulnerable. 

What if it doesn’t work? What if people judge me? What if it’s not enough? What if I’m not enough? 

I’ve been there, friend. I’ve had those exact same doubts. And I’ve found that the best way to move through them is to come back to center, find your truth, and get back to building a business that feels and sounds like you

So, that’s exactly what I’ve designed my mentorships to do. When we work together, we’ll uncover your unique brand voice, articulate your deepest values, and get clear on how you want your business to feel. 

We’ll work together to release the “shoulds” and the “supposed tos” and rediscover the deep sighs of contentment that come with truly aligning with your heart, your truth, your purpose. 

You’ll move forward with clarity, confidence, direction, focus, and the ability to own your value and your voice.

Mentorships also come with some more tangible takeaways:

  • A visibility plan customized to you and your business
  • Knowledge about where and how to share content for the greatest impact
  • Techniques for creating brand messaging that connects - and authentically communicates who you are and what you do

Are you ready, love? Let’s do this.

Learn more about my Brand Voice Mentorship packages below.