Helping wholehearted entrepreneurs fulfill their joy-filled, rebellious callings with radical honesty, unapologetic self-expression, and the kind of connection that moves mountains.

90-Minute Intensive

For a burst of brand clarity and soulful strategy.


This mentorship is perfect for you if you’re looking for a ray of light in the overwhelming dark because you aren’t sure of your next brave move, and/or you crave focused, streamlined support to bravely carry through your brand vision and most meaningful work.


Together, over two 45-minute sessions or one 90-minute session, we’ll focus on creating a personalized, short-term, and soulful strategy to help you show up in your brand and business and get your work out into the world.  


Depending on your individual needs, some of the topics we'll cover in the intensive include:

  • How to communicate your big vision and connect with your dream clients

  • Your core brand message and how to share it for maximum impact

  • How to create a content and visibility plan that's aligned, authentic, and - dare I say it? - a little bit brave

  • How to build services and offerings that both speak to your dream client’s needs and light you up in the process

  • Your brand experience: how to show up and sell without feeling so salesy


Here’s a breakdown of exactly what you receive as a part of your 90-Minute Intensive:

  • (2) 45-minutes sessions or (1) 90-minute intensive via Zoom
  • Recordings of your mentorship session(s)
  • One week of VIP email access for added accountability and support
  • Additional recommended resources, worksheets and materials, as needed, to support the process of owning and articulating your vision and what it entails.

Investment $450


Ready for a burst of bravery and streamlined support?


Please note: If you opt for two 45-minute sessions, the 2nd session must be booked and completed within 2 weeks of your first session.

BONUS: If you sign up for the intensive and decide within 48 hours after the intensive that you want to invest in my 8-Week Signature Mentorship package, $200 will be credited towards your 8-week package.