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In Your Element: Your Guide to Naming & Claiming Your Creative Superpower!

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In Your Element:
Your Guide to Naming & Claiming
Your Creative Superpower


I see you, friend.

You’re a creative entrepreneur (my favorite kind!) who wants to show up - as you are. For your heart and soul and purpose to be inextricably linked to your work in the world. To build a business that makes a living, a life, an impact.

To build that business, to step out with bravery and intention, to ensure that it’s you who shows up - in your website copy and content, in your services, offerings, and interactions, it takes knowing who you are and what makes you and your work so unique.

It takes unearthing, naming, and claiming your creative superpowers.

You see, when you do, it allows you to:

  • Get visible with confidence and clarity - and in a way that harnesses your deepest strengths and illuminates your creative expertise
  • Create offerings, courses, classes, experiences, and products that allow your greatest gifts to shine
  • Find just the right people to share them with - your people
  • Map out a plan for how to get your desperately needed work out into the world where it belongs - in the words and in the way that only you can

But without it, without naming and claiming what makes you oh-so-unique, it can feel almost impossible to build the business - and life - that you so deeply desire.

Maybe you’ve never had a chance to explore, articulate, and own your greatest gifts (it’s time, love!).

Or maybe you’ve felt sure and secure about your creative expertise in the past, only to lose sight of it along the way.

Either way, this guide is for you.

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