Helping wholehearted entrepreneurs fulfill their joy-filled, rebellious callings with radical honesty, unapologetic self-expression, and the kind of connection that moves mountains.

Hey there, sweet friend!

Look at you, all radiant and ready. There are big things coming.

And that big, meaningful work you’re looking to do? That soulful, creative project that’s been weighing on your heart—I’m here to help you bring it into the world! Together, you’ll show up bolder in your brand as you do the brave thing, and then do the brave thing again.

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Like a whisper in the wind, you keep hearing it.

Only it’s louder than a whisper and more like a stirring within your soul.  

And you’re ready. Like, so ready. You’re standing there, right at the cliff’s edge, but rather than making the jump and writing it, launching it, sending the email, creating the course… doing whatever it is that’s on your heart, you back away from the edge. Again.

You’re not ready, it’s not ready, it’s not perfect.

You’ve never done anything like this before.

You’re not even sure how to do what it is you’re dreaming of.

You’re afraid, and as much as you don’t want to be... you are.

My friend, that’s when you know it’s time. To really show up for yourself. To become braver in your brand. And that’s why I’m here.

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Bravery never feels brave in the moment. 


When you’re doing something you’ve never done before to get somewhere you’ve never been before, bravery feels a whole lot like shaky hands and wobbly knees—and showing up anyway.

When the only thing scarier than making the leap is crawling back away from the edge, again, and you’re as ready as you’re going to be to take guided, deliberate, authentic action, that’s where we begin. Your vulnerability is safe with me, your courageousness is not lost on me.

As you step into your strongest self, you’ll feel me there with you—clarifying and mapping, cheering you on and holding space as you walk bravely into your vision—but should you ever feel like it’s me who’s behind your bravery, you’ve mistaken the essence of our work together.

you, making the move for yourself in working with me.

It’s you, showing up as your fullest, bravest, most honest and true self.

It’s you, thriving in soul-driven expansion and success.

It’s you, brave one.

I’m here to honor and celebrate you. To remind you of your strength and support you as you get your (desperately needed) work into the world.

As a business and brand mentor who helps creative entrepreneurs step into their big, meaningful work, I’m no stranger to what bravery entails - both in business and in life. 


Brave Notions

Soul-drenched loved letters, heart-stirring reminders, stories of strength and celebration, special podcast episodes created just for you. Because courage doesn’t mean fearless and bravery takes intention, support, and a whole hell of a lot of gumption. That’s what I email, friends. Would you like to receive brave notions every so often?


We launched a website, created a product,
and doubled our subscribers.

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We would be LOST without Kate. We found her at just the right time (thank you, universe!). With her help, we revamped our business entirely. Now, it feels authentic, genuine, and real to us - it actually feels GOOD.

While working with her, we launched a website, created a product, and doubled our subscribers! We’ve never been so confident and clear on our next steps. We’ve been able to communicate our story authentically and vulnerably, and we have Kate to thank.

If you are even remotely considering working with Kate, DO IT! You, and your future clients, will be so grateful you did.
— Shannon and Jessica Marshall, Owners at Your Velveteen Life
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