Hey there, sweet friend!

Look at you, all radiant and ready. There’s something just ahead.

And that big, meaningful work you’re looking to do?

That soulful, creative project that’s been weighing on your heart -- I’m here to help you bring it into the world! Together, you’ll show up bolder in your brand as you do the brave thing, and then do the brave thing again.

I felt so stuck in my own head when we first started. I knew I had something valuable to share and people who need to hear it but I knew I wasn’t communicating effectively with my people.

Kate was beyond insightful. She asked me the questions that got me out of my own head. She was able to pinpoint exactly what makes me different and unique and show me how to tap into that in a genuine and non-salesy way. I realized after our time together that I needed to make the shift in changing my business name and really step into that. It was something I have been wanting to do but haven’t done it because I was just afraid of it. Such a powerful and eye opening experience.

You are so gifted, Kate! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Danait Berhe, Web + Brand Designer at Heart & Vine Creative

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