Whether you’re seeking more authentic flow and creative expression in your life or are a soulful entrepreneur who wants to learn how to share the magic of your message in a way that’s wholly aligned with your core values and brand identity, we have more workshops + retreats coming soon.


Molly Ho, Lead Designer at Molly Ho Creative

When I first met Kate, I knew immediately that she was different. She has a way of speaking to your heart and soul, asking you the tough questions you didn’t want to ask yourself, and helping you find clarity and purpose through the noise.

I was ecstatic when she told me she was offering mentorships and retreats for soulful entrepreneurs, because she has a way of connecting with people in an authentic and genuine way, which is hard and rare to come by these days.

If your heart is craving for honesty, creativity, beauty, courage, empathy, and compassion, Kate’s your girl.