Here's what I know.

What you offer your clients is pure gold, love, and the world so desperately needs it.

But the truth is that no one will partner with you if the writing isn’t working.

Like it or not, those little characters tapped out on a screen in black and white are sometimes all you have to reel in your dreamy clients.

Over time, your eyes blur to the details that, for better or worse, are so important to your potential clients. Just like that, a misplaced period or sloppy transition can change a sure-thing into a question mark. 

Cue the staggered breathing, sweaty palms, and tightening chest. GULP.

Breathe. Just breathe. 

I've got you.

I believe that content should drive connection, that copy should fuel conversation. 

Part grammar nerd, part storyteller, and all soul, I get my kicks crafting written work that engages and captivates. And I'm damn good at it.

Words are more than just words, love. They're how you translate your heartbeat - and the heartbeat of your business - into a message meant just for your dreamiest clients.

If your content doesn't bewitch and enchant your reader, you'll never win their hearts.

If typos and awkward transitions make you and your message forgettable, you'll never get a second chance to shine.

Are your words guiding your clients deeper or driving them away?

It’s my job to see what you can’t see, to take your words and deliver them back to you ready to woo your audience. 

I’ve seen too many women take themselves out of the game, afraid to show up and stand out. They stay hidden in the shadows, editing their work before it’s even on the page, pushing back program launches and website revamps.

I’ve watched truly valuable content get drowned out by typos and clumsy transitions.

I’ve seen sales pages, muddled by vague verbiage, fizzle and fail to convert.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult.

What if I told you that you could focus on creating, and I would take care of the rest?

… That, rather than risking your relationship with your audience, I can take your words and polish them until your readers have no choice but to fall hopelessly in love with you and your work?

… That I could take that first draft and turn it into finesse, and that I could take your words and write a love story, with your client as the star?

Your content needs to engage and enchant, leaving your people breathless and begging for more.

That's where I come in.

Copy-polishing is for the ones who have the words, a deep desire to share them, and a lingering uncertainty that they aren’t quite ready for the world.

With my copy-polishing packages, we’ll work with words you already have or an idea that’s ready to be written, and through a unique combination of copy editing and line editing, I’ll ensure the heart and your brand’s unique soul shines through every word choice, every punctuation mark, every message.

This is not your basic once-over to check for major grammar and structural mistakes. This is the deep-dive into every single piece of your writing. This is a shine-until-it’s-almost-blindingly-brilliant kind of process. Whether it’s a blog post, an email series, website copy, or even an e-book or long form content, copy-polishing is perfect for refining and further developing an already existing brand voice.

I’ve now had the pleasure of working with Kate on a few projects. She helped me with editing my content for grammar, flow, consistency, and tightening the message I wanted to convey. I found the entire experience easy, and the end results exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Kate’s copypolishing services if you are in need of someone who will take your content and elevate it with her editorial eye. I am sure we will work together in the future quite a few more times.
— Veronica Sagastume, Business coach and strategist at BizFit Coaching

Here are just a few of my most popular copy polishing packages:

Copy Makeover

Investment: Starting at $349

Email Sequences

Investment: Starting at $249

Don't see your perfect copy polish package above?

Here are just some of the content and copy projects I've polished up for my phenomenal clients:

personal blog posts // guest posts // conference bios // business brand stories // newsletters // opt-in email sequences // facebook content for business pages // facebook group descriptions, guidelines, and intentions // professional bios // content for facebook groups

... and more.

Lead time is typically between 3 business days-2 weeks depending on the project. 

Premium delivery available.

*Limited copywriting services available to established clients.*

Can't find your perfect package? 

No problem! Just connect with Kate, and we'll create a package that fits just right.