Your Big, Meaningful Workbook

Your Big, Meaningful Workbook

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Hello, you radiant human, you.

Words can’t begin to express how utterly and undeniably thrilled I am that you’re thisclose to getting your hands on Your Big, Meaningful Work(book).

Beyond the fact that it’s my absolute favorite work - the work of getting your big, brave, meaningful projects and programs and vision out into the world, that you’re here, just about to break the binding on this workbook, it means that…

One. You’ve got brave, meaningful work to do, and you’re ready to ditch the procrastination and perfectionism to finally get that work out into the world. You’re ready to trust yourself, get a little uncomfortable, map out your heart’s work, and then - step by step - take action to get it out of your head and your heart and into the world.

Two. You’re ready to do it in a way that feels and sounds like you, in a way that’s less about what seems to work for “everybody else” and more about how to harness your natural gifts, greatest strengths, and entirely unique rhythm of creative flow to carve out a path forward that works for you. (And feels good, did I mention that?)

And, friend, I could not be more thrilled and excited and downright giddy for you.

It’s about to get good.

This 46-page digital workbook walks you step-by-step through the process of getting your next creative project, offering, program, etc. out into the world - where it belongs. The process is designed to be repeatable per project, on-heart, and flexible.

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