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writing prompt #6: in kate's words

Cultivating a writing practice has the potential to be life-changing. It provides a potent blend of creativity and self-exploration, conscious expression and intention. Through it, you gain clarity and connection, both with yourself and your audience.

It doesn't take much. Fifteen minutes once a week. More if you want. Less if you need. 

Each Saturday morning, I send out an email to our community. In it, I share the week's blog post along with a writing prompt or content cultivating idea. These prompts are designed to inspire and engage your curiosity, to get you out of your comfort zone, and to help you engage with your unique writing voice. 

Each week, I'll be writing alongside you and sharing my own thoughts, reflections and responses to the writing prompts and linking them here. If you want to read it to gather inspiration and ideas, it's here for you. If you want to wait and write on a clean slate with only your own perspective to fuel you, that's beautiful, too.

Writing Prompt #6: What makes you weird, quirky, unconventional, or super unique? From that thing that you do only in the privacy of your own home to your wacky one-of-a-kind hobby, your crazy unique style to the way you organize your books. As Joss Whedon says, "Whatever makes you weird is probably your greatest asset."

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