i'm on a mission


Maybe you're like me.

Maybe you've chased shiny things when you should have stayed in your lane.

Maybe you've followed "experts" down the path of "should" and "supposed-to" only to find that it led you down the road to debt or doubt or shame.

Maybe you've tried to be clever only to find that clear beats clever, every time.

Maybe you've convinced yourself that you need to do all-the-things (losing yourself and your sanity in the process)… when a few things, done well and with heart, are more than enough to build a business that provides for your people, your pocketbook, and your soul.

Maybe, like me, you've lost hours, days, or months waffling and wondering what's best, gathering opinions and information, only to gain clarity and exclaim - yet again - "Ah! Why did I have to make it so complicated?"

Enough is enough.

It's a brand new ballgame, y'all.

It's the year of doing less to create more.

It's the year of courage and meaningful connection, of stripping away what doesn't work and leading with wholeness and heart.

It's the year of depth and discovery, of impact and expansion and truth.

It's the year of letting it be easy, of leading with what you do best, of investing in your people, and of letting go of whatever doesn't feel true and real and worth it.

Feels good, right? 

I often say that I am here to hear your heart, and to help you hear it better, too.

That's not some quirky little marketing schpiel. 

Hearing hearts (metaphorically, of course) just so happens to be my personal superpower. It shows up in everything I do – in business and in life.

For so many of us, our heartbeats – and the heartbeats of our businesses – get muffled, overwhelmed by shiny objects and the loud shouts of "should's" and "supposed-to's." 

The pulse of our heart's work gets drowned out by to-do's and checklists and coaches whose purposes and programs are misaligned and misused. 

We try to stick band-aids (i.e. another coach, course, free opt-in or "secret sauce") on the gaping wounds left behind, our heartbeats slowly fading until we give up or burn–out or become something we never intended.

It's true. You could stay where you are, struggling to hear your heartbeat amidst the online noise and shouting "should's." You could try to quiet your uncertainty with a long list of to-do's and the next, best shiny thing. Shiny things work… for a little while… maybe.

But I've seen what happens when you stay there. I've watched as souls slowly suffocate. I've witnessed beautiful humans literally get sick with the stress. I've seen lights dimmed and voices silenced. 

Their desperately needed work never makes it out into the world – and, when it does, it's half-hearted and laced with desperation and doubt.

No more.

This year, I'm on a mission to amplify heartbeats. 

To guide you as you rediscover the sound of your own heartbeat and to help you put it to words.

To turn up the volume on your spirit and unclog all of the gunk that's keeping your (desperately needed) voice from flowing loud and clear – straight to the hearts of your dreamiest clients.

To wash away what feels misaligned and inauthentic and get to the core of what's true and real and you.

That's what this year is all about. Amplifying heartbeats. Reconnecting to the pulse of who you are. 

Forget shiny. We're going with soulful. 

And whether you read my love letters each week or decide to finally step out of the shadows and "should's" to join me in going deeper, you're invited.

I'll keep it honest. Real. True. I'll share my successes, my secrets, the mess and the miracle. All of it straight from my heart to yours. 

Nothing complicated or confining, no "should's" or salesy schtick.

But, like any meaningful (and true) relationship, this is a two-way street, love. 

I want to know what's coming up for you. Do you have grand plans for this year? Or are you finding it hard to just stay afloat with all the to-do lists, "shoulds'" and "supposed-to's"? Are you dreaming big or rehabbing your heart? I truly want to know. 

All you have to do is reach out, comment below, or connect here. I'm just on the other side.

More to come, love.

xx k

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