tethered + bound to the present moment, i decided to honor it.

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down to write my weekly blog post (much like I am sitting down now to write this little love note to you). 

There at my desk, fingers hovering over the keys of my keyboard, I searched the reaches of my psyche for inspiration, that tiny nugget or story that would catapult me into a full-on writing frenzy. I tried to step into your shoes, my fierce solopreneuress. I thought to myself… Ok, Kate. What do these feminine phenoms need to hear this week? Perhaps something about authentic content strategy or the creative process? Maybe a story about comparison and expectation? Think, Kate. What little bit of creative wisdom can you cull and shape and share? 

I heard the clock on the wall tick behind me. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.


Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. 

Is that a spark of something? Ok, no… still nothing.

I tugged and tugged. Not a single thread or story to share. 

Not about business or the creative process anyway.

What poured out of me was the present.

What surfaced was a story about in-the-moment gratitude, about breathing in this small sliver of time and awakening abundant appreciation. Part-poem, part-prayer, it was the kind of post that just flowed from my fingertips. Effortless. Communing with creativity.

In my business as a content editor, copy makeover artist, and creative voice mentor, I work with soulful entrepreneurs in exploring, discovering and owning their own creative voices.

I help them give birth to and tend to their authentic and unique creativity, identifying and releasing the stories that hold them back. I help empower them in gaining clarity and confidence in how they most deeply want to show up in the world. 

Sometimes that shows up in tangible ways, as I help them polish their content and copy so that it’s ready to reveal to the world. I take the rawness of their (deeply valuable and desperately needed) message and, through the power of editing-alchemy, produce a piece of content or copy that virtually sings. Those are the moments when online content creation and authentic blogging posts are perfect. They’re hold-in-your-hand, take-action kinds of posts.

But many times, most times, it shows up as what I consider my soul’s work: to help women to explore what it looks like to own how they show up in their work and in their world, to reconnect and recommit to embodied creativity and soulful expression, and to allow the magic of the creative process to heal, ourselves and the world.

I do that by owning my own process, by communing daily, weekly, monthly with creativity and sharing with you its fruits. 

This space, the soul-space, is where much of my writing flows from. It’s personal, emotional, devotional. It’s the space where a post about comparison or shame or vulnerability can co-exist with poetry. It’s how I come to understand my past, embrace my present, and create my future... and help others to do the same. 

Most weeks, when I sit down to write my weekly post, I work to give you that perfect morsel of creative inspiration to chew on and digest. I deep dive into my past or reflect upon my relationships to share a story that connects with your current reality. It’s writing with a purpose, meant to inspire you to action or reflection or creation. It’s healing to me, and my deepest hope is that it is healing to you, as well.

But sometimes, as it did a couple of weeks ago, my creative process shifts. Something clicks deep within me and tethers me to my most present, visceral experience. It’s as if the present overwhelms all other possibilities. In that moment, this is all there is. No past or future, no story to weave or inspiring action to impart.

When I sat down a couple of weeks ago to write my weekly post, I had intended to share a story. Of comparison and enoughness. A message of you’re-exactly-where-you-need-to-be. Truthfully, I wrestled with it for a while. I tried to trick myself into jumping out of the present and journeying back to the past, into writing a story rather than writing my heart.

Fortunately, it didn’t work. (Though it did a few weeks later.)

Tethered and bound to the present moment, I decided to honor it.

From there flowed a wholehearted expression of unfiltered experience. It was magic.

When I honor wherever I am, whether I’m creating content for the digital space or writing to you, the magic tends to show up more often than not. When I listen to intuition and inspiration, what emerges is enchanted and messy and exactly what’s meant to show up.

Whatever you create, whether you are trying your hand at creative writing or are in the midst of creating your newest coaching package, whether you paint or sing or write love letters to your tribe of raving fans, honor what shows up.

So often, we float on the surface of the creative process, hustling out a product rather than sinking into the process. Resist the urge to stay there. Go deeper.

If you’re like me — if you’re going through something transformational or painful or beautiful, if your present seems to keep overwhelming all other possibilities, or if the emotion of the moment is crying out to be expressed — honor it.

Write it. Paint it. Sing it. Scream it.

Share it with a friend or your tribe or your business bestie. In prose or poetry or lyrical dance.

Whatever you do, don’t keep it inside. Honor it.