it only takes four words

Last night, as I lay in bed, cocooned in soft sheets, there was a moment.

The kind that, instead of taking your breath away, lets you breathe a little deeper, a little easier, in tune with your heartbeat.

I heard the sounds of a car as it rumbled downhill and the sweet snores of our puppy as she slept in her bed. Our cats, silhouetted in the moonlight, perched on the windowsill, watching the world just outside.

Next to me, my sweetheart lay curled up in our comforter. The blankets moved with the rise and fall of his breath. 

The world stood still while I watched.

In my heart and in my head, I whispered a prayer of gratitude.

The other day, I heard a story.

Or, rather, it was a story about a snippet from a movie... but I digress.

A woman was talking to a cab driver who said this: "The key to your life is gratitude. You do not give enough thanks."

She replied, confused. “Ok, but how do I do that?"

And he said, “Simple. You say thank you and more please."

Thank you. More, please.

Those were the four words that I whispered between the folds of my sheets.

A small yet potent message to the Universe. 

Gratitude and openness. Appreciation and asking.

Thank you. More, please.