it's the most amazing, life-altering gift.


I sat down to write, and all that emerged was gratitude.

Maybe it's the warm fire blazing next to me. Or the smell of candles wafting in from the other room.

Perhaps it's the cozy sweater wrapped around my shoulders or the sound of rain on the roof or the lilting sounds from my favorite Spotify playlist. 

Maybe it's the spring buds or the new moon.

But as I sipped my coffee this morning, I found myself caught in an overwhelming, undeniable, completely encapsulating thankfulness.

I am grateful for, and so utterly aware of,

the steps along the path that prepared me for this moment.

I am grateful for friendships that, despite time, distance, and change,

are founded in pure, transformative respect and love.

I am grateful for surprise visits.

I am grateful for goodnight kisses and good morning 'I love you's.'

I am grateful for the way my kittens hug my sides.

I am grateful for the challenge, for those that disagree.

I am grateful for family, for love, for knowing how to heal each other.

And for forgiveness, always for forgiveness.

I am grateful for best friends, for old friends.

I am grateful for vegetable gardens and tall trees, 

and moments connected to the earth.

I am grateful for long walks and spontaneous sprints.

I am grateful for sweet puppy dog snores.

I am grateful for those that inspire me,

even when they have no idea that they do.

I am grateful for lectures, and books, and learning.

I am grateful for passion and drive.

For the natural ebb and flow of creative expression.

I am grateful for sunlight and moonlight and stars.

For clear nights and blue skies.

I am grateful for my cozy, little home.

I am grateful for you.

Thank you for allowing me to come into your life and write and speak about the things that inspire me, challenge me and move me to change - it's the most incredible, life-altering gift.

I can't wait for all that's to come, love.

xx k

Kate McCarthyComment