spelling out s-e-l-f-c-a-r-e.

This week on the blog, I'm beyond thrilled to welcome our resident guest blogger, Alison Hewitt. Alison is the owner of Alikona Fitness and a personal trainer who believes that if you're feeling good, you're more equipped to build a business and life that you love. 

Today, she's talking straight to our entrepreneurs on all things health and self-care, and how, by utilizing her BEAM balance methods, you can create better balance (and way more life!) for your business! (Though, truthfully, these pillars speak to more than the entrepreneur -- they speak to any of us who want to be better partners, parents, employees and lightworkers in the world!)

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Congratulations, you've done it!

You're pursuing your passion and have made the bold leap into the sometimes unpredictable world of the entrepreneur. You have a radiant website, cracking copy and a killer opt-in.

But what about the YOU part of your business? Reality check: beyond the copy and website and opt-in, how you feel is primary --  your energy is the most important (and least talked about) resource for your business. Implementing a strategic self-care plan helps you manage your physical and mental energy and creates a solid foundation that you can rely on, so that you can show up 100% authentically for your clients doing what you do best.  

And when you feel great, your clients will feel amazing, which makes having a unique self-care plan for you and your business imperative for ensuring long-term sustainability for the health of both you and your thriving business.

Implementing a self-care plan is like creating a balance beam for your lifestyle habits.

The volatile, energy-draining aspects of the new entrepreneurial landscape -- like your new desk at the kitchen table, the revolving-door fridge, the endless coffeepot and the erratic hours -- can leave you feeling anxiety-riddled and deplete your amazing energy. Truthfully, your clients can feel when you're off balance! But, when treated as a part of your daily method of operations, your self-care routine maintain awareness around what drains you and what makes you feel amazing. 

Having a self-care plan for your business means more than treating yourself to a massage or pencilling in a workout, it's a blueprint that creates balance for your energy by helping you to get clear on what you need to feel even-keeled and helps you to stay on track with time and focus by adjusting that balance beam every day.

When I first started out in my business, I quickly realized that I had to reassess my unique balance of lifestyle habits, so I created a my own self-care plan. To make it easier to remember, I break down the word BEAM into four pillars of energy sources that directly affect how I feel, and hence how I show up in my business. Creating a unique balance BEAM provides foundation for my energy that I can tweak according to the day.

Check into your balance BEAM:

B -- balance: For the way you sit and stand, and the amount of sleep you're getting. If you're on five hours of sleep, you know those hormones are going to be tipping your balance! Be extra kind to yourself!

E -- energy: What are you eating and drinking? Lots of water with lemon, lots of green teas, taking time to prep veggies or healthier snacks so there are less temptations.

A -- awareness: Checking in and bringing your attention to the present! SO powerful. Prepping your headspace before client calls by throwing on some dance tracks or heading outside for a power walk to clear your mind and ensure you're aligned with how you want the clients to feel when you chat!  

M -- movement: YES workouts are amazing for you (and your business mindset!), but that doesn't have to mean heading to the gym. I work with clients in-home, and we devise programs that suit their needs and inhibitions! Feeling guilty takes up a lot of precious mental real estate. Energy-draining! So just move in whatever way that means to you. Finding a buddy to play tennis or head out for a walk or hiring a trainer to help alleviate your insecurities and fast track your results can be a great investment for your biz!

Your BEAM Selfcare plan is whatever works for you to rely on daily to help you stay focused and on track so that your mindset is clear and engaged, and your energy is radiant and beaming!

Here are some tips that I offer to my in-home training clients: 

  1. Sit up tall in your seat at your desk, relaxing your shoulders down and engaging your abs. Think of how powerful you are. Breathe. Think of your tagline and how you help people!
  2. Stand up behind your chair and do sets of calf raises. As you bring your heels down, lift and fan all ten toes. Think of your feet as your foundation of your business! Appreciate them!
  3. Hold the back of your chair and do some lunges, stepping backwards all the while thinking "Wow am I ever good at what I do. I am so glad I have made this leap. Yup, I rock at this and my clients love me."
  4. Head up and down the stairs ten times chanting "I help my clients to feel/look/workbetter and they appreciate me."
  5. Put on your favorite songs before a discovery or coaching call and rock it out to elevate your heart rate and mood!

Feeling amazing is the best thing you can do for you, your clients, and the health of your business. And when you feel great, you inspire others to feel great and that just elevates everything. So see where your energy can use some tweaking and get BEAMing!

Check out some tips for elevating your BEAM on my Facebook Page, Physique Alikona Fitness or for more BEAM energy elevation, hop on over to my FB Group BEAMing Energy for Entrepreneurs!



Alison Hewitt is the owner of Alikona Fitness, an in-home personal training company that believes that balance, energy, awareness, and movement are the keys to radiant health. Find her on Facebook at Physique Alikona Fitness or for more BEAM energy elevation, hop on over to her brand new FB Group BEAMing Energy for Entrepreneurs!

*The views expressed in this post are those of Alison Hewitt and not of Kate K. McCarthy or www.katekmccarthy.com.