when you're sitting in quicksand...


A few weeks ago, I got sucked down the body shame spiral. Struggling, thrashing, tossing and turning, I felt the weight pull me down, down, down. On the way, I met fear and resistance and pain and doubt.

In my past life, my go-to would have been to self-medicate. With alcohol or sweets, baked goods or self-serving pity parties. I would try to escape or struggle fiercely...

... never knowing that, like sitting in quicksand, I needed to release. To stop the struggle. To be present in the moment. To thank the doubt and fear for their attempts to protect me (from the unknown) and to let them pass away.

To sink into love.

So I did just that. I gave my body what it needed. I let myself feel and then let the feelings float away. I aligned with love, and then re-aligned again. Over and over. Back to love.

Kate McCarthyComment