the art of disbelief

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One of my instructors once told me, "A miracle is nothing more than a suspension of disbelief." I've always loved that definition. When was the last time you made a wish, took a big risk, a leap of faith, or went against all odds and wished for a miracle?  Today, I want to tell you why you should practice the art of disbelief. 

My Irresistible Woman soul sista' and I are teaming up again on March 28th to put on our most provocative workshop to date: The Irresistible Woman: Love Slam.

What makes it provocative you ask? 

(Provocative: causing annoyance, anger, or another strong reaction, especially deliberately; arousing desire or interest; stimulating discussion).

If you are a woman, chances are you've experienced all (or more) of the following challenges:

  • You've been judged negatively for being strong and assertive, called bossy. You've read endless articles on how to be seen as competent and liked and happy. 
  • You've had trouble being heard in meetings, and sometimes feel like work is not a safe place to speak up for yourself. 
  • Your competence has been second-guessed or discredited. You've been questioned and ignored so much, that you start to believe you don't have anything to contribute. 
  • You feel undervalued because you do things you aren't getting credit for. 
  • Your body and the way you dress has been a topic of conversation related to your value. 
  • You're tied of being patronized, being humble, or apologizing. 
  • You wonder if you will ever be able to be your whole self, let alone bring it to work. You have to establish a status of yourself before you can start being yourself. 
  • You can never let your guard down. You are always being judged, and always trying to make a good impression. You spend a lot of time, effort and money making sure your colleagues, subordinates, superiors, friends, in-laws, neighbors, nanny, x-boyfriends, and kids' teachers judge you the way you want to be judged.  
  • You're tired of being expected to juggle everything in life, failing to be superwoman. 
  • You're worn down, defending your abilities and your worth.
  • You are tired of looking in the  mirror and seeing sadness, fatigue, depression, worry, resentment, and apathy. 

No wonder the idea of feeling irresistible seems impossible! 

You know that Journey song, Don't Stop Believing? We're going to do the opposite. We are going to STOP BELIEVING! Here is what I want you to do...

1) Stop believing the following:

  • I can't find 5 minutes a day to myself.
  • A Saturday is too long to be away from home.
  • Self-love just isn't a priority.
  • I don't need to feel irresistible.
  • A personal workshop isn't in my budget.

2) Call your closest girlfriend and convince her to join you on a quest to STOP BELIEVING and start feeling IRRESISTIBLE. Going on the heroine's journey is way more fun when you bring your friends along. (Plus, we'll give you both a discount!)

3) Trust yourself. Way deep down, buried underneath all the things you think you should be doing, is a little voice that is cheering for you. She IS you. And, she wants you to have three full days to luxuriate in love. She knows how hard you work. She knows how you hold the world together. She knows you deserve it. 

Join us for a day of disbelieving burnout, renouncing self-criticism and self-sacrifice, and celebrating the miracle that is you. 

Scholarships are available!
My team wants any woman who is ready to commit to self-love to be able to.  Contact us to claim your seat today and make 2015 the best year of your life. 

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