because someday isn't a day of the week. tell them now.

Life is about action. So, today, do two things. You won't regret it.

(But you may regret not doing it.)

STEP ONE. Watch this...

STEP TWO. TELL THEM NOW. Whoever in your life needs to hear those words. Fathers. Mothers. Lovers. Sisters and brothers and best friends and old friends. 

Because you'll never regret hugging a little longer or the moments frozen in time from that road trip across the country. Because dance parties with sisters and late nights with great loves should never be forgotten and should always be celebrated. Because not everyone has a friend to call when life gets rough or when there is a victory to toast. 

Because we don't say it enough, and it can never be too much.

This week, I've been writing and sending and speaking love and gratitude to my loved ones. Who do you need to "tell now"? What are you most grateful for about that person? Share in the comments below (I've shared mine!) and then tell them now!

Kate McCarthyComment