Shining. Bright. Brilliant. Glowing. Ablaze. Luminous. Incandescent. Dazzling.

Radiant (adj.): sending out light; shining or glowing brightly; having or showing an attractive quality of happiness, love, health, etc.; marked by or expressive of love, confidence, happiness.

Shining. Bright. Brilliant. Glowing. Ablaze. Luminous. Incandescent. Dazzling.

I've been in your shoes. Waiting for a magic bullet. To lose the weight, the bloat, the shame, the guilt, that damn negative self-talk. To change my life from the inside out, from the way I ate to the way I managed stress. Once upon a time, I took the bait, too. I bought every health book out there, watched all the shows, and spent hours on the Internet researching the “right foods for my body." Low energy, low vibration. I wanted, needed, to feel better... yesterday. 

I want to feel... RADIANT. To feel freaking amaaaazing in my body, all velvety and smooth. To eat real, whole foods, without guilt or shame. To never have to count another calorie ever again. To put an end to the never-ending yo-yo dieting. To feel so incredible in my body that my dreams are unstoppable.

All those magic bullets, the miracle pills and potions? They don't work. Ever. 

The good news? I've got a solution for you. 

On October 1st, The Radiant Life launches.

Our biggest, baddest, most transformational program begins. A 28-day adventure made easy, with daily assignments, 100+ delicious (and easy!) recipes, 4 weeks of meal plans and my support (along with the support and wisdom of our other Radiant Lifers). 

I can't even begin to explain how excited I am for this launch!

My heart skips a beat when I think about all that can happen in 28-days. Four short weeks. Bringing the body back to it's most incredible foundation.  Magic happens when we make health our habit -- feeding our bodies what they crave most (psst... it's not the Snickers bar or the Diet Coke). Our health is a leveraging force to our deepest desires and greatest dreams.

Eat well. Live well. Feel RADIANT.

Early bird registration starts today!

Register by September 25th and save! It's my little gift to you.

Here are the deets, babes. Come and get the good stuff.




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